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This section is in addition to normal safety and procedures at our airfield, and covers days when we are hosting busy fly-ins. We have seen movements in excess of 90 in a single day when the weather is fine.

Flying into and out of Easter on arranged Fly-In days




At Easter, we expect a large number of different types of aircraft to be flying into and around Easter Airfield on arranged fly-ins. These include Group A, Microlights and Aerobatic aircraft to name a few. They are of differing speeds and capabilities therefore separation and a good look out is paramount for your safety.




Contact Inverness Radar on 122.605 when within 20 miles of Inverness. 

When timing is appropriate (5-10 miles from Easter), request to leave 122.605 and receive acknowledgment from Inverness Radar.


Note that there is NO A/G frequency at Easter and therefore SAFETYCOM (135.480) will be in use. We cannot mandate the use of this frequency, and there are a few aircraft that may be non-radio, but we strongly suggest that you keep a good look out, listen and transmit position reports to aid separation.


If you are unfamiliar with SAFETYCOM, can you please go to CAP 413 and familiarise yourself with the phraseology and procedures.


There are several airfields around Easter who operate on the SAFETYCOM frequency. Make sure

ALL transmissions are prefixed ‘EASTER TRAFFIC’.


Make position reports in the air and on the ground. 


Please announce your position and intentions when 5-10 miles from Easter Airfield. 


See Pilot Information on this website for joining instructions. If unable to join downwind due to traffic, please do a standard overhead join and keep a good look out.


We will have a monitored ground station on SAFETYCOM. This is for emergency use only and no information will be provided from the ground and separation is your responsibility. Do not expect a reply from the ground unless you declare an emergency on SAFETYCOM.


If we have a large number of aircraft attending, we may operate a marshaller for parking. Please follow marshalling instructions after landing if he is present.


Above all, have a good time and stay safe.


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