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  • Pilots are advised that all operations and movements at Easter Airfield are at their own risk and discretion.​

  • Pilots must make their own decision on whether to use Easter Airfield.

  • The airfield may not suit your aircraft type and all pilots must conduct their own safety assessment prior to landing or departure.

  • By visiting Easter Airfield, visitors accept full responsibility for their own and others safety for the duration of their visit.

  • Easter Airfield does not accept any responsibility for your safety or the safe keeping of your valuables, vehicles or aircraft at any time during your visit.

  • All movements at Easter Airfield must be recorded in the movements log located in the control hut.

  • Easter Airfield does not warrant or guarantee the condition of the airfield surface or its suitability for landing, driving or walking.

  • Any hull damage suffered at the airfield shall be considered as the responsibility of the handling pilot exclusively.

  • Easter Airfield assumes that you have made yourself aware of the likely risks. If you have not done so and cannot demonstrate suitable safety checks and subsequently cause damage to the land, reputation and others at the field, you will be held personally liable for all direct and indirect costs.

  • Be aware of aircraft with running engines. Rotating propellors are virtually invisible and can cause devastating damage. Do not approach any aircraft without  qualified pilot instruction.

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