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Easter Airfield Plate


Easter Airfield Circuit Pattern - All circuits to the North of the Airfield at 1000 feet.


We look forward to welcoming you to Easter Airfield.
If you are planning to fly to or from our Airfield, please check out the pilot information below.
Remember, this information may change so please ensure that you have the most up-to-date information each time you fly.
All circuits to the north of the airfield unless otherwise instructed by Tain Range.
24(R) right hand circuits, 06(L) left hand.
Observe noise abatement areas marked on circuit pattern diagram above.
Departing traffic 06 are to make an immediate left turn when airborne. Depart downwind LH for Nigg entry/exit lane.
Departing traffic 24 are to climb on initial heading to Nigg entry/exit lane.
Caution wind turbine on north of 06 final / 24 climb out.
Radar service is available from Inverness Approach on 122.605.
Due to the mixture of commercial , rescue and GA traffic in the area, we strongly recommend contacting Inverness when within 20 miles of the Inverness ATZ.​

When Tain Range is not operational, use SAFETYCOM (135.480).


If unfamiliar with the use of SAFETYCOM, please consult CAP413.

There are several airfields in the vicinitiy operating SAFETYCOM and pilots should attach "EASTER TRAFFIC' to all RTF transmissions when using Easter Airfield.


  • Easter Airfield is unlicensed

  • N57 45.20 W 003 56.57

  • 06 Threshold N 57 45.50 W 003 56.55

  • 24 Threshold N 57 45.19 W 003 56.11

  • 20ft AMSL, 6 nm SE of Tain, 1 nm SW Fearn village  

  • INS 109.20 018 13

  • c/s TAIN RANGE 122.755 during Tain Range operational hours (Mon-Thu, Fri to 14:00)

  • c/s SAFETYCOM 135.480

  • c/s INVERNESS APPROACH 122.605 for co-ordination within 20 miles of Inverness ATZ

  • RUNWAYS 06/24, 900x20, Grass, Nil lighting

  • Easter Airfield is strictly PPR.

  • Operating hours 08:00 or 30 minutes before sunrise - 20:00 or 30 after sunset

  • Airfield is situated within Tain Range (D703) DAAAIS 122.750

  • Observe noise abatement and Nigg E/E lane on airfield operations charts below

  • Fly in / camping weekends welcomed and encouraged

  • Fuel : Nil

  • Maintenance - Available at Inverness Airport at Highland Aviation

  • Flight Instruction - Avalable on request, Easter / Inverness based instructor. 07717631405

  • Caution : Be aware of vehicles and pedestrians on track crossing the runway near the 06 threshold.

  • Important : Do not overfly the white bungalow on finals for Rwy 24.  

When Tain Range operational  (Weekdays unless NOTAMed as closed)


Inbound -

  1. Obtain PPR.

  2. Telephone Tain Duty Controller on 01862 894164 (direct) or 01862-892185 (switchboard).  Request a range briefing to conincide with your ETA.

  3. Route to Easter entry/exit lane at Nigg Bay, hold outside D703.

  4. Establish two-way with Tain Range 122.755. Comply with their instrtuctions.

  5. Depending on wind, position for straight in approach 06 or join downwind RH for 24.

  6. Transmit as having landed when on ground at Easter.


Outbound -

  1. Telephone Tain Duty Controller on 01862 894164 (direct) or 01862-892185 (switchboard). Request a range briefing to conincide with your ETD.

  2. After power checks complete, call Tain Range on 122.755 for a departure clearance. Do not commence take off roll until 2 way communications established.

  3. Depart via Easter entry/exit lane at Nigg Bay in accordance with circuit pattern and noise abatement chart above.


Note : Circuits are not permitted at Easter Airfield during Tain Range operating hours.

When Tain Range not operational (Weekends unless NOTAMed)


Inbound -

  1. Obtain PPR.

  2. Route to Easter entry/exit lane at Nigg Bay.

  3. Transmit blind calls on Safetycom 135.480. Join for straight in 06 LH circuits or downwind 24 RH circuits..


Outbound -

  1. Transmit blind on Safetycom 135.480.

  2. Departure, 06 LH circuits, 24 RH circuits

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